Randy Galloway

Hey, Cowboys fans, it’s not 1993 anymore

Don’t want to make it personal here. Don’t know you well enough to make it personal. But some of you fine folks confuse me. Admittedly, as time flies, even while having big-time fun, confusion seems to happen more frequently.

So help out the old-timer as he seeks answers.

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Here are a few “why” questions for you, all of them pertaining to the state of the Dallas Cowboys.

If any of these questions remind you of yourself, again, it’s nothing personal. It’s merely to clear up the confusion.

Do you show vast football knowledge in accurately assessing the ongoing limited situation with the local football club, yet when the Cowboys actually win a game, the rare W is not embraced?

Should the Cowboys have apologized for beating the Minnesota bunch last week? Is it not OK to celebrate a win, any kind of win, even if ugly happened for most of that Sunday afternoon?

Think about it. You yourself will dog-cuss the Cowboys all week, and nobody will disagree with you, but then when they plod along on Sunday until actually rescuing a victory, you also dog-cuss the win.

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Friends, just a reminder to one and all. It’s not 1993 anymore. That kind of Cowboys’ team is long gone, and that kind of team is not coming back. There’s two decades of Mr. Jerry proof to back up that not-coming-back fact.

These days, a win is a win. And when a win happens, enjoy it for what it now is, instead of lamenting what it isn’t anymore.

I don’t mean to become preachy here, but some of you guys are really starting to irritate me.

Stop it.

Do we make a federal indictment out of the Cowboys’ inability to run the football?

There are rare games when they get a little something going on the ground, but the rarity of it tells us it’s simply not a very good club in that area.

Put the blame anywhere you want it. Offensive line, the running backs, the failure of the play-caller/quarterback to commit to a running game.

But why won’t the play-caller/ quarterback make the commitment?

Real easy answer: No trust in the offensive line or the running back.

Is that wrong? Watch the damn game and then tell me it’s wrong.

There’s been a heavy media/fan emphasis this week about only nine rushing attempts against the Vikings. The uproar over that has overshadowed the actual win.

But in the best offensive outbreak of the season — the Denver game a month ago —there were 14 rushing attempts for a meager 52 yards. It wasn’t a big deal then, and the Cowboys lost that one.

Yes, this team needs to run the ball better. It would logically help all aspects of a struggling offense.

But what if they can’t run it successfully, and they know they can’t run it successfully against most opponents, which appears to be the case, then do you want to run it anyway? One-two-three and punt?

By the way, the New Orleans Saints, Sunday night’s road opponent, don’t appear to be that good at stopping the run. We’ll see, right?

But if an upset win happens, does it matter?

Did the Cowboys throw it so much in the win against the Vikings?

Playing scoreboard catch-up in the fourth quarter for one thing.

But there were also eight drops of Tony Romo’s passes.

Catch the bleeping ball and Tony won’t have to throw it as much.

Did Mr. Jerry have to make his stupid post-game comment after the Vikings win of “there are no 1-7 teams in the NFL?”

The Vikings are, indeed, 1-7.

But Mr. Jerry was merely asking you to consider the every-Sunday-is-a-new-world aspect of the NFL.

Actually, it wasn’t a stupid comment. Sounded like it, I agree, but Jerry was right. And as last Sunday played out in the league, here’s why:

Winless Tampa was up 21-0 on one-loss Seattle before losing on the road by three in OT.

Quarterback Nick Foles threw seven TD passes for the Eagles in a road win. The last time we saw Foles he was the worst QB in the history of football. That was against the Cowboys’ defense a mere three weeks ago.

The Jets beat the Saints when the Jets quarterback went 8-for-19 for 115 yards.

There’s plenty of that stuff every week.

Yes, you are what your record says you are, but that’s doesn’t mean a 1-7 team is going to necessarily believe it’s that bad.

Does the Cowboys defense miss Rob Ryan?

It doesn’t.

Rob will be out for big hair/big belly revenge on Sunday night as the defensive coordinator of the Saints.

But the new defensive coaching combo of Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli is doing an overall better job, despite the league ranking which has the Cowboys D at the statistical bottom.

One disclaimer on the above opinion would be Kiffin’s matchup strategy against Calvin Johnson a couple of weeks ago in Detroit. Kiffin left Brandon Carr hanging out on the corner with no street light.

But the work of Marinelli with a grab-bag defensive front line may be the best coaching job in the entire league.

And at least take-aways do happen with this defensive unit. That’s a big positive jump from Rob’s days here.

Should anyone be excited about this Cowboys’ team?

Houston, that’s why.

The Texans are the biggest mess of the season, with the possible exception of Baltimore.

I’m not actually saying you should be excited about these Cowboys. But you could be a Texans fan, right?

In closing, thanks for your time this morning. And remember, none of the above was personal.

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