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Longhorns and Aggies rule Moral Victory Saturday

The state of football in Texas is so bad our best shot may have to come from the private schools.

Alas, it is time to re-set the standards here within our broad borders. Making the college football playoffs for Texas and Texas A&M is now officially out. Neither team will win their conference title this season.

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Both have lost at least two games and we are midway through October.

Being this average is not cheap.

This is not the time to panic. This is time to re-define what is “good,” and what constitutes achievement in College Station and in Austin.

The problem is neither Texas nor Texas A&M. The problem is us.

We need to look at both programs differently, and by doing so both the Aggies and Longhorns can finish the 2019 season feeling good about themselves.

Just cover the spread, and don’t get smashed when playing a Top 10 team.

Do that, and there is a good chance both Texas coach Tom Herman and Texas A&M coach James Fisher, the two highest paid public employees in Texas, will do enough to hopefully qualify for a few contract bonuses.

Of course, Texas lost yet again to Oklahoma on Saturday at the Cotton Bowl in the Corporate Sellout Showdown.

Of course, Texas A&M was crushed by Alabama in the hardest place to play in America, Kyle Field.

The best sign to come out of either game was for the state of the Big 12; Oklahoma’s defense may finally be good enough to pose as a threat should the Sooners reach the BcS Plus 2.

Within these predictable defeats, however, there is both considerable achievement worth celebrating for the two non-winning teams. Since both Texas and Texas A&M are such national frauds, it’s an important reminder that achievement in these games is no longer a win.

Texas covered the point spread against Oklahoma, which makes a lot of degenerate gamblers quite happy.

The Aggies didn’t cover the spread against the Tide, but that’s perfectly OK. Not only did the Aggies score 28 points, but the feared Wrecking Crew defense held the Tide to less than 75 points.

The Tide only scored 48.

TAMU scored a few touchdowns, and the team made a lot of money on Saturday for the school, and the city of College Station. Plus, the Aggies can always celebrate the fact they have one of the highest paid coaches in the United States.

You see, the problem at both Texas and Texas A&M is that we consider them viable, national threats. Look at the history of the sport, and you will see that they just don’t do that often.

The Aggies and Horns are not the problem.

We are.

A win for the Aggies or Horns in a big game is to avoid embarrassment and, if we’re lucky, they cover the spread.

If they can do that they will have had a great year.

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This story was originally published October 12, 2019 9:07 PM.

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