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NASCAR sends Ebola information to race teams as series heads to Texas

NASCAR sent out educational information on the Ebola virus to its race teams this week, as the racing circuit is coming to Texas this weekend.

Much like other sports teams coming to the area, NASCAR simply wanted those within the sport to be aware and informed of the lethal virus with information gathered from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Texas Motor Speedway is monitoring the situation, but is not expecting it to be an issue.

“NASCAR, much like the NFL, informed their teams of the current climate of the Ebola situation, more so in terms of educational material and general awareness,” TMS spokesman Mike Zizzo said. “Since this incident arose, other major sporting events such as the Texas-Oklahoma college football game and two Dallas Cowboys home games have been played in much closer proximity to the situation with no concerns.

“While we will continue to monitor any updates from the CDC and others focused on Ebola, we don’t expect any issues and in the unlikely event any needs arise we will react accordingly.”

Three people have tested positive for Ebola in the DFW area. The first patient was Thomas Eric Duncan, who died from it. Since then, two workers who cared for him at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas — nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson — also tested positive. Pham and Vinson each survived the disease and have been declared Ebola-free.

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