Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

Cheers: To Emirates Airline for raising the bar in World Class air travel with their A380 Airbus. Time to “up your game,” American Airlines. The bowl of nuts offered on your aging business class MD 80s is getting stale.

— Dale Daniel, Arlington

Cheers: To Jeff, computer tech at Staples. He helped me download our 50th anniversary reception pictures using Windows 8, an impossible task for me. Then I was able to prepare a memory book for Shutterfly. The result is a wonderful family remembrance that never would have happened without his excellent help.

— Sidney Sims, Burleson

Cheers: To Colleyville Police and Market Street for “Coffee with a Cop.” What a great time to meet and mingle with our finest protectors and Mayor Kelly. We are blessed with great police and fire personnel in Colleyville.

— Roland and Ann Kelley


Cheers: To the person/persons who removed the plastic bucket from under my wife’s car on Interstate 20. I was unable to get it out on my first trip; When I got back with more tools, the bucket was out from under the car and a green sticky note was on the back window.

— Hugh Havins, Fort Worth

Jeers: To me for my angry behavior to the man in the car in front of me Sept. 19 at the Coyote Drive-In. No excuse, I’m sorry.

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— Larry Goodman, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the father and son who left the Eastchase Whataburger on Thursday evening, Sept. 25 without cleaning up their table. How inconsiderate and thoughtless. I don’t think I’ve even seen that done before. Big jeers to the dad for setting such a poor example for his teenaged son.

— Carol Hubbard, Arlington

Cheers: To Jon Daniels for all his hard work. All the fans that criticize him need to watch MLB. They also need to read more than one sports writer. Ron Washington had a great winning record. He also disappointed his wife, team and fans. Praise our young players and Beltre.

— Cindy Jacobs, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the management of an upscale grocery store in Arlington. Despite repeated requests from myself and at least one other customer Sept. 29, none could be bothered to make a public announcement about a dog trapped in a hot car in the parking lot.

— Penny Scoggins, Arlington

Cheers: To Lone Star Window Tinting in Hurst for fixing numerous defects caused by another shop to my PT Cruiser! Jeers to a Grapevine tint shop for their inferior workmanship in their installation and then refusing to fix their issues when brought to their attention, I won’t be back!

— Rick Steinocher, Euless

Cheers: To the gentleman and his family celebrating his son’s birthday on Thursday, Sept. 25, at Springcreek BBQ in Keller. Thanks for paying for our supper. I am a World War II vet and he was thanking me for my service. His son even brought us a piece of cake. What a wonderful gesture!

— William Beheler, Watauga

Cheers: To the Chicken Express in Crowley for having the products that they offer on their menu board. The one in Burleson runs out of food too often.

— Joe Dickerson, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the nice man who offered us drinks and food at the TCU-Minnesota football game. My husband was there to cheer on the Gophers along with his three brothers from Minnesota. I was happy that my brothers-in-law got to see how friendly and hospitable TCU fans/Texans can be!

— Amy Jurchisin, Kennedale

Jeers: To the city of Blue Mound for not recycling. It’s like they don’t care. All those water bottles are buried at the dump, with the lids on them.

— Chuck Hung, Blue Mound

Cheers: To James and Laurie for your faithfulness in our Wednesday and Sunday Night Bible Study Chapel Service Ministry. Bless you!

— Neilda Johnson, Burleson

Cheers: To the city of Fort Worth for replacing older toilets with ADA-approved ones. Jeers to the city for replacing them with a brand made in China. They use two or three times more water than the Glacier Bay I had installed in my other bathroom.

— Yvonne Harpole, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the person ahead of me in the drive-through at the Chik-fil-A on Alta Mere DriveSept. 30, who surprised me by buying my lunch! How did you know that I was having a hectic day of stress and worry? Thanks for reminding me that there are kind, generous people all around us!

— Camille Comeau, Fort Worth

Jeers: To everybody who ignores yield signs at DFW Airport, especially the one at the exit leading to the service road from the main road at the south end of the airport. If you don’t know what a yield sign means, go back to driving school and learn!

— Michael Hagle, Arlington

Cheers: To Allison in the therapy department at North Hills Hospital and to all the other dedicated physical therapists across the Metroplex who work diligently to improve the quality of life of their clients. Thank you for helping me develop a home plan to continue growing stronger.

— Thylis Chambless, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the generous person who had a $30 gift card delivered to our table at Jason’s Deli on Road to Six Flags recently. The transformer in our neighborhood had blown, so we had no electricity and my husband had been recently diagnosed with cancer. Bless you for lifting our spirits.

— Jeanette Patterson,


Jeers: To Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. We dropped a friend off at the airport, were there for less than 15 minutes and were charged $2. Isn’t that a bit steep for such a short time? I couldn’t believe they charge so much. I suppose they have to charge something, but that is ridiculous..

— Bessie Treber,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Fire Station No. 21 in Fort Worth. I have seen them on many calls lately around the neighborhood especially with the storms Oct. 2. Thank you all for what you do for our community.

— Angelica Garcia,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To wonderful person who found my pink purse left in a buggy in the parking lot at Wal-Mart on Loop 820 Oct. 1 and turned it in — with all contents! Thank you, thank you! There are still caring, honest people on this good earth.

— Jodie Pate, Haltom City

Cheers: To Fort Worth Parks and Community Services’ David Parise for cleaning up and fixing McLeland Tennis Center’s indoor courts. It was a good thing. Thanks to David and his crew. We really appreciate all your hard work.

— Mary F. Smith, Burleson

Cheers: To Greg Anderson for his continued support of the Cottontail Group of Texas Metro Wildlife Rehabilitators by donating fresh goat’s milk to feed our orphans. He’s the best!

— D’Ann Woodle,


Jeers: To the manager of a downtown Mexican food restaurant. This manager allowed his son, who was acting manager the night of Sept. 30 to treat his customers in a disrespectful way. Even the police were called for this disturbance. Shame on your owners for allowing you to continue to manage this restaurant.

— Lezlie Michael, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the wonderful Bright Star home health workers who cared for my aunt 24/7 in her own home before she passed away. They are a caring, loving group.

— Gretchen Finn,

Fort Worth

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