Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

Cheers: To Fort Worth’s excellent symphony conductor, Miguel Harth-Bedoya, director and family man. He brings a freshness to each program with such impressive variety. Congratulations to Harth-Bedoya for a fun 15 years of great leadership.

— Pat Scott, Arlington

Cheers: To Bass Performance Hall for the many years of free parking at a nearby garage. But this perk is in jeopardy. Boo!

— F.A. Turner, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Advantage Autoworks in North Richland Hills for being the best body shop in the area. Your expertise is evident every time you have repaired my car. Perfection! I really appreciate your kindness and you are always accommodating.

— Sherry Godbey,

North Richland Hills

Cheers: To Texas Motors Ford in Fort Worth for a spectacular experience in buying a new car. William May greeted us and exceeded our expectations when showing us a new car. This was the second vehicle I’ve purchased from this dealership and they prove to be consistent and committed in providing great customer service.

— Gina Carroll, Fort Worth

Jeers: To Jon Daniels for running Nolan Ryan off the Rangers. You are now paying the piper thinking you could run the ball club. Ryan forgot more about baseball than you’ll know in a lifetime. The only thing you’ve accomplished: 500,000 less in attendance; worst team and general manager in baseball.

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— Patrick LeClaire, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the ear-deafening obnoxious “music” we are subjected to at high school football games. It’s very irritating to say the least. Why can’t we enjoy the school bands that are there to perform, and not leave the place deaf?! Jerry Jones overkill!

— Karen Horstmeyer, Bedford

Cheers: To the two gentlemen who helped me when I fell on Camp Bowie Boulevard West on Sept. 10. You both were God-sent, and God bless you both. Thank you so much. I am doing good.

— Teresa Guest, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the Arlington City Council for even thinking about charging those who are doing the right thing by bringing unwanted animals to a shelter. Ironically, this fee is for the purpose of hiring a “cruelty investigator,” which is exactly what will result when these animals are dumped and abandoned instead.

— Pat Barclay, Aledo

Cheers: And congratulations to Gaile Robinson for her much-deserved Award for Excellence from the Texas Society of Architects. Her art writing is enjoyed by many readers, especially artists.

— Betty Winton Fay, Fort Worth

Jeers: To a chain of hobby stores. They will not get an electric shopping cart for persons with disabilities to use while shopping. I feel it is discriminating against persons with disabilities if stores are not interested in providing services for the disabled.

— Betty Clark, Arlington

Cheers: To James at the Ben Hogan Center. I was waiting for the van to pick me up. James stopped and called to make sure I had not been forgotten. He patiently waited on hold for 15 minutes. His help was such a blessing.

— Mary Kammerlocher,


Cheers: To the kind person who paid for my wife’s meal and mine at IHOP in Euless in August. I am an ex-prisoner of war (World War II) and appreciate his or her kind gesture. The same will be returned to another person. God’s blessings and good health to him or her.

— Armando Ruiz, Euless

Jeers: To a North Richland Hills auto dealer. They refused to accept my debit card when a credit card was required for a free loan vehicle. I don’t have credit cards or unsecured debt. Why do you need a credit card for a free loaner anyway? You have my car for collateral!

— Jennifer Mills,

North Richland Hills

Cheers: To Wayne Scott Plumbing, which did a huge plumbing job for us in August. The workers were courteous and thoughtful, working late if needed, making sure they did a good job, and pleased us. We were pleased with every facet of this company’s work!

— Ed Vernon, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the Best Buy store in Burleson. When my small tablet locked up through “user error,” their Geek Squad fixed it in five minutes. Best part: no charge. Great customer service!

— Brenda Lynas, Joshua

Cheers: To Julie Harrison, Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD staff member, for completing her Ph.D. Way to go, Dr. J!

— Joe Blackwell, Bedford

Jeers: To the Mansfield police officer who was driving an SUV through a parking lot and did not yield to a pedestrian exiting a store. This pedestrian, carrying a very awkward package, was forced to wait for the police officer’s vehicle to pass.

— Lori Graves, Burleson

Cheers: To the wonderful couple who found my wallet at the Overton Ridge Boulevard SuperTarget Sept. 14 and returned it to my home. I’m just sorry that I was unable to say thank you. Your kindness is very much appreciated and will not soon be forgotten.

— Cindi Bronstad, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the Briar Volunteer Fire Department. With their bigger equipment, they helped pull a kid’s truck out of dry, sandy Briar Creek. He was rightfully admonished for being there in the first place and cheerfully sent on his way. Drop a buck in their boot next time you get a chance.

— David Waters, Azle

Cheers: To the Fort Worth Cats for their family-friendly environment. They provide a great experience for my special daughter and our family. And congratulations on a great season.

— William Seger, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Chris Mata, floral designer. Once again you far exceeded my expectations with the beautiful flower arrangement you created for my brother-in-law’s funeral service. Your creative expertise with the red-white-blue arrangement added a special touch in honoring the service he gave our country.

— Carmen Flores, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the manager, Matt Canton, at Westlake Arlington Hardware for changing my flat tire after I wobbled into the parking lot and flagged him down. He was very courteous and helpful. Thanks again, Matt.

— Beverly Ryan, Arlington

Cheers: To Councilwoman Sherri Capehart for your excellent representation of District 2 in Arlington. I loved the way you answered all the questions in the last conference call. We are very fortunate to have your representation.

— Ken Oliver, Arlington

Cheers: To Dr. Jim Turner and staff of Farrell Animal Hospital for their caring, supportive attention to my cats as we faced a trip to Florida. They were cared for as we prepared for our trip, given medications, put in carriers and loaded into the car as we were leaving town.

— Betty Goodyear, Arlington

Cheers: To the Burleson police and the city of Burleson for offering the vacation watch program. They checked my house at least once (and most times twice) a day while I was gone, and mailed me a status report. What a great service.

— Lynda Kersen, Burleson

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