Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers

iJeers: To the Fort Worth Transportation & Public Works Department. Why do many of the traffic lights stop working properly when there is a rainstorm?

— Mike Fox, Fort Worth

hCheers: To the gentleman who paid for myself and two students with me to get into the football game Sept. 9 in Mansfield. Your kindness was appreciated and really touched my heart. You said the money goes to the kids. You are right. Thanks for blessing them and us.

— Angela Crow, Arlington

iJeers: To whoever stole our Squawky from Gateway Park. He was a big white goose with a bright yellow knob on his nose. He spent his days taking care of all the little ducks and geese. How could you be so heartless? Please return him if you haven’t harmed him.

— Jean Adams, Arlington

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