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Did Amber Guyger get a raw deal — or did she get off too easy?

Guyger got a raw deal in Dallas

I’ll turn 85 in March, and nothing has shocked me more than the guilty verdict in the Amber Guyger case. (Oct. 3, 1A, “Guyger sentenced to 10 years for murder of Botham Jean”)

Her attorney did a fair job; Guyger’s testimony was from the heart, and she answered all questions truthfully. Now you know why her lawyers wanted a transfer of venue from Dallas.

Our system needs some tweaking, but in Dallas, it’s broken.

- Dale Allen, Hurst

How can bribery be worse than murder?

How is it that Amber Guyger and other Dallas police officers have gotten slap-on-the-wrist sentences for murdering people, but former City Council member Dwaine Caraway and other black office holders are spending long prison sentences for accepting bribes?

Bribery is worse than murder?

Justice is never going to be fair in America. Every day, America shows how much it hates us. People of color have never been safe here.

- Darrel Palmer, Fort Worth

Religion belongs in the courtroom

I applaud Botham Jean’s brother for giving Amber Guyger a hug and forgiving her, along with Judge Tammy Kemp for giving her a Bible. (Oct. 4, 1A, “Complaint: Judge wrong to give Bible to ex-cop in court”)

The state has been trying to put Christianity in the closet for many years, but Christianity has been here for centuries and will continue to spread throughout the world.

The protesters in Dallas should show some sympathy for a young woman who made a tragic mistake that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

- Shirley Phillips, Fort Worth

Brother showed the divine

When Botham Jean’s brother Brandt took the stand to forgive Amber Guyger and then the judge gave him permission to hug her, it was a hug seen and felt worldwide, a spontaneous show of forgiveness.

There weren’t enough Kleenex to dry the emotional tears in the courtroom among lawyers, witnesses and even the judge. It was a beautiful Christian act to forgive and let Christ into your heart.

- Delbert Cantrell, Fort Worth

Door that wasn’t closed was at fault

If Botham Jean’s apartment door had been fixed to close completely, Amber Guyger would not be going to prison.

- Bert Epler, Fairview

Better police training saves lives

The Amber Guyger case illustrates a desperate need for truly professional police training. Our military officers are trained at academies, and police should get the same.

The Texas Legislature should create a police academy within an existing university, with a four-year degree and courses in government, the Texas Constitution and basic psychology. Make it a magnet for training police for every state.

- Paul R. Schattman, Arlington

Nothing ‘mild’ about Granger

Why did the Star-Telegram characterize changes at the Trinity River Vision Authority as a “mild shakeup ”? (Oct. 3, 4A, “Panther Island getting new coordinator to help finish $1.18B project”) Shifting J.D. Granger even a little is more like a mild tremor. He never should have been hired for this boondoggle.

The quote about this money pit almost being on cruise control is infuriating. Granger should be fired immediately. This whole deal stinks to high heaven.

- David Lindsey, Fort Worth

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This story was originally published October 6, 2019 5:00 AM.

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