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Why wasn’t news of Amber Guyger’s witness being killed played bigger?


Witness killing story was buried

I am baffled by the Star-Telegram reporting Sunday on the close-to-home tragedy of the shooting of Joshua Brown, the witness in the Amber Guyger trial, on Page 4A, via the Associated Press. (“Witness in ex-officer’s trial killed in shooting”)

Surely the slaying of a key witness in a nationally watched trial ranked front-page placement by a staff reporter.

- Caryl Sherman-Gonzalez, Fort Worth

A pleasant surprise

Thank you, Brandt Jean, for showing us forgiveness in its truest form. You didn’t tweet; you didn’t confront; you didn’t accuse. Instead, you forgave, spoke of love and hugged your brother’s killer. (Oct. 3, 1A, “Guyger sentenced to 10 years for murder of Botham Jean”) We didn’t see that coming.

- Connie McCollum, Arlington

Judge did the right thing with Guyger

This country was founded on religious tolerance. The reaction to state District Judge Tammy Kemp’s actions after Amber Guyger’s trial compound the intolerance of those who preach social justice through moderation of religious influences. (Oct. 4, 1A, “Complaint: Judge wrong to give Bible to ex-cop in court”)

There was severe criticism about a profound act of compassion, when it should have inspired all of us to see there is a better way.

- Donald Matheson, Fort Worth

One important detail left out here

Sunday’s editorial “After missteps, will hiring new manager move Panther Island forward?” did a great job of dancing around the issue. (6B)

It talks about changing the focus of executive director J.D. Granger and creating a new position to handle his current responsibilities. The real problem is in the last sentence: “Let’s hope the holders of the purse strings in Washington take note.”

Everyone should know that refers to Rep. Kay Granger, ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee. Let’s hope that J.D., her son, brings home the bacon.

- Harry Thompson, Bedford

Don’t look backward

Richard Greene’s Oct. 6 column, “Poll shows little desire for radical action on climate change,” contains false information about climate change and renewable energy. (B7) He dismisses “the consequences of global warming that will, according to alarmists, doom civilization in just 12 years.“

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that carbon emissions must be reduced to zero by 2050 to prevent catastrophic climate change. We have 30 years to act, but action must start now.

Greene says that “achieving 100% of American energy from renewable sources would cost taxpayers trillions of dollars.” But the transition would be less expensive than continued use of fossil fuels.

Clean energy provides more than 30% of Texas’ electrical power. Wind and solar are now competitive in cost to natural gas, and they will soon be cheaper.

- Charles R. Foreman, Arlington

No new Bass Hall status quo

My wife and I had tickets to see an amazing rendition of “The Phantom of the Opera” at Bass Hall. For the first time, we were subjected to a purse search and metal detector wanding.

The young man who performed the searches did a professional job under the watch of a police officer, but it made me angry. Are we really going to accept an invasive search any time we go to the theater, the movies, the mall, a restaurant — anywhere a nut job with a gun or a gripe might show up?

Bass Hall, please rethink this.

- Paul Jones, Crowley

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This story was originally published October 8, 2019 5:00 AM.

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