Letters to the Editor

How did this happen? I agree with Mac Engel about Snoop Dogg

Try to understand others’ fears

The Sept. 29 story, ” Fear amid visibility: Transgender groups shaken by at least 18 killings,” discussed anxiety among trans people in Atlanta and elsewhere. (16A)

Any fear, including rejection, has tremendous negative effects on us. Everyone deserves to feel safe. Being transgender is not a condition, choice, illness, sin or character flaw. It is a serious, challenging, expensive and long-term effort to determine one’s true identity.

These individuals are not changing their genders; they are discovering them. We may be uncomfortable around transgender people, but they are not a threat to us.

- Rita Cotterly, Fort Worth

Electric vehicles are the future

The Sept. 29 story about Trinity Metro’s new electric Dash buses made me think: clean vehicles for a clean city. (1B, “Fort Worth is running bright red, electric buses from downtown to the museums”)

My wife and I have driven electric cars for four years. They are comfortable, quick, fun and capable for driving around the Metroplex and beyond. They do not contribute to smog or ozone alert days. They are economical as well. The total cost of ownership is the same or less than for a gas-powered car.

Our elected city leaders need to replace the city fleet with electric vehicles to be good stewards of our environment and our tax dollars.

- Eric Pratt, Fort Worth

Search for safety, not personal intrusion

I disagree with the author of a Tuesday letter to the editor who was angered by the safety policy newly enacted at Bass Hall. (9A) Yes, guests at events there are now wanded and purses are inspected. This is for our safety and not to subject us to invasiveness, as the writer contends.

Sadly, as he writes, “a nut job with a gun or a gripe” is what we need to consider when implementing a safety policy such as the one at Bass Hall .

I say thank you to any venue that steps up for us.

- Patricia Hunter, Fort Worth

Guyger judge showed human concern

Hurrah for District Judge Tammy Kemp for hugging Amber Guyger and giving her a Bible. She was showing millions that she has empathy for others. Empathy is in short supply in today’s world. Those who disagree should read the Bible.

- Robert Harper, Burleson

We’re on the same page here, Mac

The odds said it was bound to happen. Mac Engel finally wrote a column with which I agreed: Tuesday’s “Big 12 should fine Kansas for Snoop Dogg performance fiasco.” (1B)

- Russell Livingston, Fort Worth

Read the truth about Trump

I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to read balanced and factual pieces about President Donald Trump in Sunday’s paper — both Wilbur Ross’ commentary on significant improvements in trade (7B, “The Trump administration is delivering U.S. wins on trade”) and Andrew Malcolm on the endless and non-productive efforts to disrupt our president. (6B, “Clinton and Russia didn’t take down Trump, so Democrats try Ukraine and impeachment”)

Thank you again for saving us from the endless rants from writers such as Eugene Robinson, who I would guess has never seen a socialist he did not like.

- Mike Holt, Fort Worth

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