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Republicans, it’s time for a reckoning over Donald Trump


Election security, not politics

The lying and deflecting in defense of President Donald Trump’s Ukraine call are in maximum overdrive. But they’re still not succeeding because of Trump’s own words, in the White House’s own readout of the call: “I would like you to do us a favor, though.”

Scrambling Republicans are saying, “OK, he said it, but it’s not impeachable. Let the election settle it.”

This scandal is about election interference from a foreign country. And don’t forget, this corruption would have been done in secret, without American citizens ever knowing it occurred, without the whistleblower.

- Blake K. Wallace, Arlington

This time, it is really different

For months, as the subject of impeaching President Donald Trump roiled in the news, my steadfast opinion was that regardless of how abhorrent I found his behavior, his eviction must come through the election process. His supporters say the same today.

My belief was unswayed by Trump’s outrageous conduct, damaging international posturing and feckless domestic leadership. Pivotal to my thinking was the assumption of a fair election process.

But now we have compelling evidence that Trump has actively worked to corrupt that process. Without fair elections, our nation ceases to be a republic.

Impeachment is now our only recourse.

- Clement Kichuk, Austin

Nobody above oath of office

President Donald Trump is a clear and present danger. He is in a downward spiral as he continues to ask foreign countries to investigate fraudulent charges against his 2020 political opponents.

This blatant, open disregard for our democracy and rule of law compels me to wonder: Which of our local mayors and city councils will be the first to call on their members of Congress to support impeachment?

Our children are watching. Our elected representatives take the same oath, to preserve and protect the laws of Texas and the United States, that the president does.

Silence is complicity.

- Stephen “Buddy” Luce, Southlake

Send the military to the border

Tarrant County Sheriff Bill E. Waybourn told it like it is about criminals, including undocumented immigrants, in jails like Tarrant County’s. (Oct. 11, 1A, “Texas sheriff draws national attention for ICE comments”)

He said that 72% of the inmates in his jail are repeat offenders. Some repeat this pattern a dozen times or more.

This has been going on all over America. These criminals are coddled in our justice system.

Send the foreign ones home. Pull our troops from other countries and put them on the border.

- Jack O. Lewis, Haltom City

Not what that word means

President Donald Trump says the House impeachment inquiry is a “coup.” Apparently, this is another word he doesn’t understand.

If he should be impeached and removed, Vice President Mike Pence would take over. In a real coup he would be replaced by the leader of the investigation, Rep. Adam Schiff. That will not happen.

- Delmar H. Dolbier, Fort Worth

‘Corruption’ is a smokescreen

I find it very ironic that the president insists his main goal is to expose corruption. Historians will record President Donald Trump as the most corrupt chief executive in American history.

I say make America great again by dumping Trump.

- T.N. Taylor, Colleyville

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This story was originally published October 13, 2019 5:00 AM.

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