Letters to the Editor

Robert Jeffress and I must be worshiping different Gods

Jeffress’ view of other religions

I can’t believe all the press Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas is getting just because of his seeming adoration for President Donald Trump.

All you need to know about Jeffress is that he believes all Jews, Mormons and Muslims are going to hell. No exceptions. He doesn’t care if they serve God, their communities and their fellow man.

I wonder how Jeffress will explain this to God.

- Frank Matthews, Fort Worth

We cannot betray our Kurdish allies

Just when one thinks our president can do no more harm, he has done one of the most harmful and inhumane things ever imagined. This is even worse than the inhumane treatment of the men, women and especially the children at the border, who are merely trying to find not only a better life, but a safer one.

He has allowed another autocrat to send Turkish forces into Syria to attack the Kurds , our longtime allies in fighting ISIS. The Kurds have lost more than 10,000 fighters.

How could our president be so derelict in his actions? He has no character, no morals, no empathy, no honesty. How can our allies ever trust the United States with him in office?

- Floyd S. Ostrom, Arlington

Maybe it’s time to come together?

Your paper has so little news I am considering discontinuing what is left of it. The business section has become very small. Next will be the shrinkage of the sports section. High school sports has all but disappeared.

The weather takes up half a page. Why not consider keeping the Texas weather and getting rid of the national weather, except for a map? Also, the celebrity birthdays on Page 2 are a waste of space.

I have religiously taken the Star-Telegram since June 1984. Why not consider a merger with The Dallas Morning News?

- Bill Kayser, Southlake

Guyger coverage might win me back

We recently stopped our longtime Star-Telegram subscription because of the ever-increasing price and the ongoing left-wing content, especially on the Opinion page, and the constant disrespectful treatment of President Donald Trump. So, we were somewhat pleasantly surprised at the fair treatment the Amber Guyger trial received.

The front-page photo of Brandt Jean hugging Guyger and the follow-up article honestly depicting Brandt’s statement on the witness stand was appreciated by all fair-minded people. Much of the media did not depict the results fairly, but the Star-Telegram did.

We will reconsider renewing our subscription if the content continues to reflect a fair and balanced approach.

- Don M. McComas, Granbury

Police officers already well prepared

An Oct. 6 letter writer proposed creating a police academy within a university. (6B) Most officers have a two- or four-year degree, and every one goes through a department or regional police academy with 640- 900 hours of instruction. Plus each officer receives 40 hours of in-service training a year.

I have 45 years of police experience. We are taught all the constitutional law and psychology the letter suggested, but until you come face to face with losing your life, don’t ever second-guess an officer. All the schooling in the world changes when you are one on one in the middle of it.

- Howard Kotarski, Arlington

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This story was originally published October 12, 2019 5:00 AM.

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