Letters to the Editor

What the Fort Worth police shooting means to the community

How can anyone trust police now?

In the movie “Roxanne,” Steve Martin’s character says, “You can’t have people, if their houses are burning down, saying, ‘Whatever you do, don’t call the fire department!’“

In the movie, it was a joke. In real life, in Fort Worth, we’ve reached the point where people can reasonably say, “If you’re worried a crime’s being committed, whatever you do, don’t call the police.” (Oct. 14, 1A, “Expert: Fort Worth officer acted like it was a burglary call”)

We are quite literally not safe in our own homes from the people we pay to protect us. It has become safer to face the criminals on our own than to call the police.

I’m outraged and disgusted.

- George Michael Sherry, Fort Worth

It was only one officer’s fault

Once again, an unimaginable tragedy has occurred. Our wonderful police officers will all be looked at with suspicion because of the dysfunction of one.

Fort Worth cannot continue with an interim police chief. Former Chief Joel Fitzgerald’s lawsuit has to be settled one way or another so we can move on in a positive direction.

Uncertainty breeds chaos, and taxpaying citizens deserve better.

I’m saddened by what the actions of one police officer will cause for those who professionally do their jobs of protecting and serving.

- Wanda Conlin, Fort Worth

Need to hear from Trump supporters

It’s amusing that 100% of the letters to the editor Sunday about impeachment were against President Donald Trump.

The assemblage of letters parse the president’s words and distort the meaning, demean his leadership, call on local officials who support him and his policies to proceed with a baseless impeachment, make up a new definition of the word “coup” and ask him not to look into meddling in our elections by foreign governments.

Surely, more than this crowd of anti-Trump critics presented clearly considered opinions to the local newspaper.

- Ray Harris, Fort Worth

If Trump defies these rules …

The Trump administration is stonewalling the impeachment investigation by ignoring subpoenas and saying, “We are not participating” in the probe, according to the White House counsel.

What will happen if President Donald Trump is removed from office but simply refuses to leave the White House?

- Sue Williams, Fort Worth

We must dial back the rhetoric

I appreciate the balanced editorial in the Star-Telegram about Sheriff Bill Waybourn’s comments on illegal immigration. (Oct. 11, 11A, “Tarrant sheriff didn’t say illegal immigrants were all drunks”) He was clear that he was not condemning all unauthorized immigrants.

But the context of his comments is also important.

Sadly, racist rhetoric has become very common, even at the highest levels of leadership in our nation. Inflammatory language is gradually being normalized. It cannot become the norm.

Waybourn’s comments must be analyzed in the full context of where and when they were made. He was not speaking to a small Tarrant County audience. He was speaking to a national audience.

I suggest that the message conveyed did not represent the mindset of most Tarrant County residents.

- Karl Schilken, Fort Worth

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