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Readers sound off on Perry, Cruz and the 2016 presidential election

Even at the peak of this year’s election season, we know it will quickly be over. And we know what’s next: the shift in attention to the 2016 presidential election. At least two Texas Republicans look like players, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Rick Perry. Do you believe either or both of them will run? What are their chances of winning? On the other side of the political spectrum, which Democrats look strongest and why? Is Hillary Clinton a shoo-in?

Both Perry and Cruz are torch-bearing crusaders and both are keeping Texas in the political limelight. Regardless of whether they run or not, their names are indelibly etched in Texas politics. Perry’s first Presidential bid was a debacle but as is said, experience is the best teacher. He hasn’t learned the lesson. Plus, his felony indictment will be a distraction.

Cruz is a first timer to toss his political hat in the ring and he generates a lot of interest in the Republican Party. But Hillary Clinton has the ultimate résumé resounding with expertise, from First Lady of Arkansas, then the nation, to New York Senator and Secretary of State. She is the definitive shoo-in.

— April Rogers, Fort Worth

Cruz, Perry and another Bush — any would be a gift to the Democratic party. Throw in Clinton and this answers last week’s question about voter apathy.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren would be the best candidate.

If nothing else it would subtract interest from the dynasty families and the Texas ego gang.

— Jim Sanderson, Fort Worth

Running for office is mostly a popularity game with little relevance to a candidate’s qualifications and ability to govern.

However, in this upcoming 2016 ballgame neither player has a modicum of chance to make it past the second or third inning of the primaries. Besides, Perry already struck out last time around in 2012 and the voting fans won’t forget.

The starting pitcher for the Democrats will certainly be Hillary Clinton but she will take the mound already behind. The recent batting average of President Obama has turned most Republicans and some Democrats against his style of managing and the carryover will take its toll on Hillary. Even a strong relief appearance by grandpa Bill will do little to spark a comeback.

Enjoy the game.

— Patrick Jenkins, Arlington

Yes, Hillary’s a shoo-in in 2016. She’s nothing more than a white, female version of what we already have. The media will fall in love with her all over again.

— John Gregory, Richland Hills

Gov. Perry and Sen. Cruz will most likely join a cadre of other contenders for the Republican nomination for president in 2016. Both have avid supporters who respond to their individual talking points, but these groups are relatively small, scattered and non cohesive.

Perry may tout his “Texas Miracle” as a cornerstone of his accomplishments as governor, but the so-called miracle is the product of a booming oil and gas industry, not the governor’s programs. Add in the ongoing scandals, problems in education, healthcare, infrastructure and the pretty picture begins to fade.

Cruz’s hell-fire and brimstone rhetoric may get his followers fired up, but it is just that — rhetoric better suited to the pulpit than the halls of Washington. As a Senator, Cruz has accomplished very little legislatively in Congress. Neither of these two will be a major contender in 2016.

— John H. Brown, Arlington

Ted Cruz and Rick Perry will both probably run, if they haven’t started already.

Cruz has a chance to win because he is more ideologically conservative and less politically indebted.

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are apparently running and either one will win the nomination, depending on how far left is palatable to the mainstream, but mostly because that box has yet to be checked off the Democrat’s to-do list.

— Ralph M. Gill, Fort Worth

In a perfect world, Rick Perry will don his nerdy glasses, his cowboy boots, and ten gallon cowboy hat and drive away into the sunset to his ranch and count all his retirement money, never to be heard from again.

Ted Cruz will lose his Senate seat and return to Canada.

And Bill and Hillary Clinton will take their double government retirement back to Arkansas and play grandma and grandpa to their grandchild.

Oh perfect world, where are you?

— JoAnn Martin, Arlington

I don’t believe either will run, but if they should their chances are nil.

I don’t believe Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in. I am expecting a surprise Democrat candidate and maybe even a surprise Republican candidate also.

— George J. Anthony,

Fort Worth

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