Letters to the Editor

Classroom success

For several years I did substitute teaching. I encountered classrooms where the teacher’s methods were working while others were in chaos. I simply emulated the best teaching methods.

Why can’t school districts do this?

On one hand we have the Carroll School District with outstanding scores in a high-income area.

Then we have Nash Elementary, which has excelled in a poor economic area with limited funds.

This reminds me of Marva Collins, a teacher in Chicago in the 1980s. She was disgusted with the public school methods and started Westside Prep in her home. She taught in a poor area, the uneducated and rejected children and helped them reach fantastic academic goals.

Apparently, the principals and the Nash teachers created a positive learning experience. It isn’t money that educates children, it is the teacher.

Forget state testing and the endless paper work and turn the schools back to the teacher.

— Geraldine Orr, North Richland Hills

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