Letters to the Editor

Stand with CEO

Much has been made of the PR shortcomings of Texas Health Resources and its CEO, Barclay Berdan, in light of the recent Ebola cases.

THR is full of caring, competent professionals who have served this community with distinction for many decades.

Berdan is one of these who rose to his current position through many years of service in many leadership capacities. To have him step aside or to sell or rebrand the system as suggested by pundits would be a tragic waste of a fine career and a thorough disservice to THR and its volunteer leadership that considered him the right person for the CEO position.

Shortcomings in CDC protocols had a hand in this affair, which could and would have easily taken place in any hospital in the country. Lessons have been learned and steps taken to better serve the public nationally during this and future epidemics.

I stand with THR as it learns from this and continues to serve us well for many years to come, along with its CEO.

— David Branch, Fort Worth

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