Letters to the Editor

Misusing public dollars

Enough is enough!

I was equally amazed, appalled and disgusted on reading about the city of Grapevine spending public dollars on a $60,000 unicorn sculpture.

I have lived in Grapevine for 22 years and have witnessed the city budget continually expand at a breakneck pace.

Our city fathers extol the virtues of not raising the tax rate. However, the city tax base has greatly increased over the past few years due to the addition of new businesses in the city.

It was bad enough spending needlessly on repaving perfectly good tennis courts, repainting water towers and buying railroads and theaters. But a $60,000 unicorn?

It’s like the old adage: If you don’t spend the budget dollars, you lose them. God forbid that you spend only what is necessary for city services and the tax rate actually go down!

— Ray Verbano, Grapevine

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