Letters to the Editor

Arlington sailing club

Historically, the City of Arlington leased facilities to, and supported the sailing club on Lake Arlington at the Arkansas Lane Park. It served the community there with a variety of community programs and the city invested in the park for the past 48 years.

Recently, Arlington directed millions to providing a home for a professional football team, but withdrew their support of sailing on Lake Arlington. In preparation to artificially “improve” the shoreline, the club must now vacate the premises. To be fair, the city has suggested that the club could remain at the park, but with restrictions that make operations unsustainable.

Currently, the club is seeking a location on private land on the Fort Worth side of Lake Arlington. If everything works out, Arlington citizens could still find sailing recreation on their lake, but would need to drive to Fort Worth to access it.

Fort Worth, on the other hand, could benefit! The club has ongoing youth and adult sailing classes, racing, cruising and socials, and it works with a variety of community projects.

Arlington residents are still very much welcome, and are encouraged to keep the new direction of their city in mind as the upcoming May elections roll around!

— Daniel C. Anderson, Arlington

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