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I���m used to it ��� the sympathetic look, the disbelieving head shake ��� when I tell someone I���m a high school teacher. ���Teenagers!��� a new acquaintance will say. ���How do you stand them!���

Indeed, teenagers can be snarky. Surly. Mercurial. Short-sighted. Exasperating.

But they are also the very best people. Honest to a fault, generous-hearted and optimistic, more willing to listen and learn than adults, they stand in the nexus of self-discovery and global awareness. Watching them take that journey, walking with them a bit as they launch into adulthood, is the best job in the world.

That���s why teachers put up with inadequate resources and poor pay. It���s why they use their own money to buy Christmas gifts and graduation robes for their students who can���t afford them. It���s why some have laid down their lives protecting the teenagers in their care.

This story was originally published February 23, 2018 10:16 AM.

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