Man used fishing device to steal $93,000 worth of checks in Arlington, charges say

An Arlington man used a fishing device to steal $93,000 worth of checks from mailboxes, according to charging documents.

Michael Queen was charged with mail theft on Wednesday. He was arrested Sept. 11.

From December to January, the United States Postal Inspection Service received reports of suspected mail theft from collection boxes in Arlington, according to a criminal complaint.

A man inside a Hummer H2 with “Auto Hail Repair Guys” written on the side was seen taking envelopes from blue mail collection boxes with what was described as a fishing device.

On Jan. 30, Arlington police stopped the Hummer H2 for a traffic violation and were able to search the car because they could plainly see narcotics inside, according to the criminal complaint.

Officers found pieces of mail, rat glue and about 70 checks inside the Hummer. The stolen checks added up to about $93,000.

Queen admitted to stealing mail from the boxes at Bardin Road Post Office and Melear Station Post Office, the criminal complaint said.

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This story was originally published October 10, 2019 1:25 PM.

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