Tarrant County sheriff’s son arrested in Arlington

The son of Tarrant County’s sheriff was arrested Thursday on charges of criminal trespassing and theft.

Sergei Waybourn, 23, was arrested by Arlington police and was in custody at the Tarrant County jail on Friday. He was charged with theft under $2,500.

The circumstances surrounding his arrest weren’t immediately available.

Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department chief of staff David McClelland released a statement from Sheriff Bill Waybourn via email.

“The family and I are deeply saddened by Sergei’s choices,” Waybourn said in the statement. “It has been many years since he has disassociated from our family. We, along with many family members, have made efforts to help him — all to no avail.”

Sergei Waybourn is one of Bill Waybourn’s nine children. He is one of seven children the Waybourns adopted, according to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s department website.

Not including the latest arrest, Sergei Waybourn has been charged three times with criminal trespassing and twice with theft in the past two years. In June 2018, he was charged with assault.

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This story was originally published January 4, 2019 5:40 PM.

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