Colleyville to alter watering schedule

Residents will have a new watering schedule come March.

The city will change its two-day watering schedule next spring to help control water usage throughout the city.

Public Works Director Bob Lowry said if the city continues with its geography-based system, the city would need to add a water station to meet peak demand.

“Having the demand for an area on two days, spread to four days we would be able to meet the demand,” he said.

In an effort to spread water needs throughout the city during the water restrictions, the city will move away from its geographical watering schedule. Currently the city is split into three zones divided along Colleyville Boulevard, Glade Road, and Pleasant Run Road that water on different days.

The new system will have residents watering based on if an address ends in an odd or even number. Grapevine and Southlake have homes ending in even numbers watering on Wednesdays and Saturdays and odd-numbered homes watering on Thursdays and Sundays.

The City Council also recently discussed the possibility of changing policies for the city’s splashpad at McPherson Park. The city’s only public water feature has been closed since water restrictions went into effect in 2013. City staff asked the council members if they would be interested in possibly re-opening the splashpad, but with limited hours.

Council members said they would like more information about the splashpad before making a decision.

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