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Can’t make it to the Grapevine library? No worries, one on wheels is coming to you


If you can’t make it to the library in Grapevine, now the library can come to you.

Recently, the Grapevine Public Library unveiled its GROW (Grapevine Resources on Wheels) vehicle, mobile library services designed for all ages with a special focus on meeting the needs of the diverse Grapevine community.

The on-board collection represents high-interest and general collection offerings from the city’s physical library.

“The GROW mobile library will benefit all ages and will be a welcoming presence in our community, encouraging visits to the library. The Grapevine Public Library has something for everyone,” said Ruth Chiego, Grapevine Public Library Director.

The GROW vehicles include thousands of books, Spanish language materials, sensory inclusive kits, WiFi access, libary staff and much more.

“The library team wanted a way to offer a glimpse of the library’s offerings at locations that serve populations that may not normally have the opportunity or interest in visiting the library. For some transportation is an issue, for others they simply don’t know what we do,” Chiego said. “Libraries have changed significantly in the last few years.

“We are a gathering place that loves to engage with the public and find out what they want to learn. There’s no better way of finding that out by going out into the community and serving those that are currently under-served. The library wants to be a part of as many lives as possible.”

And, as with the regular library, use of the GROW is free to citizens. Having a library card is necessary for checking out items, but free cards can be issued on the bus to all Grapevine residents with a photo ID who can provide a little information.

The GROW will primarily serve the three Grapevine Community Outreach Center service sites (Mustang Drive, First United Methodist Church and 121 Community Church) for the next six months, as well as visiting some larger community events.

“We had a very successful National Night Out and we look forward to being at Trunk or Treat at the Community Outreach Center on Mustang Drive on Oct. 24,” Chiego said. “There are currently no plans to have any regular routes outside of the City of Grapevine. We are currently working on our plans for 2020. Our inaugural visits are just beginning, so stay tuned.”

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This story was originally published October 17, 2019 8:00 AM.

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