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Subconsciously, it seems, we had de-stressing on our minds when we started mapping out a November issue. Probably because Thanksgiving looms, and with it, a mixed bag of emotions. Beyond the happy anticipation of family gatherings, the logistics of travel, togetherness and menu-planning can load a heaping helping of anxiety on everybody’s plates.

I’ve done Thanksgiving both ways — as a hostess trying to please everyone and as a guest, trying to be appropriately appreciative of someone else’s idea of the right menu and schedule for me.

Whatever seat you’re in, it can be a touch uncomfortable.

To help, we did some foodie footwork in “Gobbles, To-Go” (Page 32) and tracked some creative alternatives to all the cooking this food-focused holiday usually demands.

In “Talkin’ Turkey” (Page 46) we rounded up some fun turkey-themed table accessories and decorative items, then visited with local travel experts in “Holiday Travel Advisory” (Page 48) about how to make air travel a positive experience during the most notoriously bad time of the year to hop a plane. (Being grouchy and exhausted isn’t good for either digestion or cheerful dinner conversation.)

“Yappy Hours” (Page 24) addresses a huge concern for holiday travelers — who’s going to take care of the dog — and also documents doggie daycare trends that can ease the guilt and stress that come from locking pups in their kennels all day or leaving them languishing alone in the backyard when all the humans are away.

Similarly, “At Your Service” (Page 42) offers a welcome introduction to a few entrepreneurs who give families the gift of time by making it easy to delegate some of the chores of our hustling, bustling lives. (I have several friends who seriously need to meet the owners of Dream Dinners in North Richland Hills, and wish I’d known of an operation like Smiley Transportation L.L.C. and its fleet of safe-kid pick-ups and deliveries when my children were younger.)

November also brings us Veterans Day and an opportunity to thank our nation’s soldiers for their service. It’s a big month for our Hero Next Door, Doug Robinson (Page 18), who has turned the heartbreak of losing his son, a Keller High School graduate and former Marine, into positive action. He founded a nonprofit called Ryan’s Project that gets very busy this time of year helping injured veterans attend The Marine Corps Birthday Ball, held on or around Nov. 10 each year, here and throughout the country. (Please send your news of other Keller-area folks doing great things to

The 11th month of the year signifies another national event that has gained tremendous traction nationwide — National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as NaNoWriMo — and there’s a larger-than-you-might-think contingent of local residents who are all over it.

They can’t be bothered with worrying about menus or travel plans; they’ve got 30 days to produce the world’s next great literary creation. Just leave a tray of food by the door. I imagine you’ll appreciate the writing successes of some of your neighbors even if you’re not ready for the intensity of NaNoWriMo this year.

And who knows? Maybe a few extra servings of pumpkin pie will feed your inner muse — or better yet, one of the Indianettes’ beloved pumpkin rolls (see Page 50).

Happy November. Come on in.

Elaine Rogers

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