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How to Determine if an Open House is Right for You

There’s a debate about the value of open houses. Some people claim they’re a waste of time, while others swear holding open houses showcase their properties in a unique manner.

So, are open houses worth it?

They get the word out One of the biggest arguments in favor of holding an open house is that it increases the visibility of your home, because you never know where buyers will come from.

They could attend the open house because of advertising or be the clients of an agent who visits your open house. Even the nosy neighbors who stopped in for a free cookie and to see the inside of the house could know someone looking for a new property.

You’ll learn about your property Hosting an open house is also a good opportunity to get honest feedback on your home. You can count on at least a few of the attendees to offer candid comments about what they do and don’t like. Your REALTOR® can collect this information during the open house and share it with you afterward. You may even decide to make minor improvements or highlight certain amenities based on visitors’ input.

But you need to prepare It takes effort to successfully execute an open house. Here are some common mistakes sellers make:

· Staying during the open house

· Letting pets stay during the open house

· Trying to mask odors with stronger odors

· Trying to mask sounds, such as traffic noise, with louder sounds

· Blocking access to parts of the house

· Leaving notes for buyers, pointing out features of the home

The price of open houses Of course, letting people off the street enter your property does come with safety concerns. Your REALTOR® can help you minimize those risks.

There is also the hassle and disruption of staging your home for the open house. You’ll want everything to be spotless, uncluttered, neutral—likely not the way you actually live in your house.

There isn’t one answer to the open-house question that fits every homeseller. Talk to your Texas Realtor to determine whether an open house should be part of his or her plan to market your home. Don’t have a REALTOR®? You can find one in your city and learn more about selling, buying, or leasing property in Texas at

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