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Evergy — the newly merged Westar Energy and Kansas City Power & Light — wants to show it is still committed to Kansas communities, and it’s starting with Wichita’s Naftzger Park.

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A public-private partnership is

transforming the park, all

of which will be done in the second quarter of 2019 thanks to the Evergy donation. It otherwise could have taken years.

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Chase Clements cclements@mcclatchy.com

The longtime park is in the heart of downtown at Douglas and St. Francis and is part of the Spaghetti Works District. The district includes the former Spaghetti Works building, which will be remodeled into apartments, and a new mixed-use commercial building in front of

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This story was originally published August 28, 2019 11:29 AM.


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Series Nav less than 6 articles